A century ago on the tiny island of Ireland, a remarkable event occurred that changed it forever – The Easter Rising Rebellion. The story of that ‘birth of nation’ moment has never been told on film – until now. 'The Rising’ will be the first motion picture to dramatise the heroic story of a revolution against the British Empire that led to the creation of the Irish Republic.

Our history, told by us.

‘The Rising’ is gathering together one of the most impressive cast lists for an Irish movie including Jonathan Rhys Meyers, David O’Hara, Fiona Shaw, Colin Morgan and Brendan Coyle. It will also proudly showcase the debut screen performance of Michael Neeson, in the role of Michael Collins which his father Liam Neeson made famous 20 years ago. Led by the filmmaker Kevin McCann, a professional crew behind the camera will craft a compelling dramatic movie. Supported by the Irish Film Board, Northern Ireland Screen and private equity partners, this film will respectfully remember a great story of Ireland and be an international hit in cinema theatres and across all movie platforms. 

Every nation and culture remembers their histories through storytelling. Film is an especially powerful way of reaching a wide audience. How many films have there been on the birth of the United States and the various epochs of French History? The Russians showcased the birth of their nation in a hugely successful production of War and Peace, and the British have numerous productions charting their history of conquest. Now equally the Irish culture deserves a film to educate a global audience about the history of our land and people in a powerful movie.

Director's Note - Kevin McCann

“As a filmmaker from Ireland, my interest to date has been subjects looking at identity, history and faith. Through the vehicle of this film, we are setting out to educate and change the way Irish people think about themselves by telling the classical story of a hero looking for freedom for his people.

Along with others, Seán MacDiarmada fought for a new republic, a rebirth of the spirit of the Irish people and an end to a slavish mindset. ‘The Rising’ is the prequel to the movie “Michael Collins,” which starred Liam Neeson, and “The Wind That Shakes The Barley.”

This is a movie 100 years in the making, showing a global audience how the Easter Rising rebellion was the most defining political event in recent Irish history - the turning point from famine Ireland towards a free Ireland. The 100-year anniversary is happening on our watch and we have a duty to respond to that.“

The Irish Movie 100 years in the making
Colin morgan
Jonathan rhys meyers
Fiona Shaw
David O'Hara
Michael NEESON