Easter Rising film to come to life by 2016

Sean McDiarmada

A movie telling the story of the Easter Rising with a particular focus on Sean McDermott, one of the leaders, is scheduled to come to cinema screens in time for the centenary of the Easter Rising.

‘The Rising’, which is the current working title, will potentially include actors John Hurt, Brendan Gleeson and Shia LeBeouf with casting ongoing.

Focussing on Sean MacDermott, one of the lesser known leaders of the Easter Rising, the film will aim to tell the story of the Dublin based rebellion through his eyes.

‘Pearse and Connolly, rightfully, are remembered as very important leaders of the Rising,’ said the film’s Producer Kevin McCann. ‘But if I was to take for example the words of Liam Gaynor, a volunteer from Limerick, he described Sean MacDiarmada as ‘the mind of the revolution’.’

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