Producer presses case for story of ‘Rising’

The Boston Irish Reporter

As the centenary year of the 1916 Easter Rising marches ever closer, the producer of a full-length feature film on the subject is still raising funds and awareness to complete the project. Kevin McCann, the producer of “The Rising,” intends to make another swing through Boston and other Irish-American strongholds this spring as he seeks more investors before filming begins in the fall.

The timing is tight, but McCann told the Boston Irish Reporter that it is well within reach. “We have a schedule and our window to shoot it at the end of the fall— in October and November— and then editing through the winter. We’d be ready for a release around St. Patrick’s Day next year,” said McCann. “It’s ideal that we’re aiming to film in winter, actually, as it’s a wintry film.”

“The Rising” will focus on the events that led up to the actual uprising on April 1916 – and the man who served as its mastermind – Seán MacDiarmada, or John McDermott. The 33-year-old Irish Republican Brotherhood leader was captured and executed alongside James Connolly a few weeks after the six-day Easter rebellion was finally put down by British forces.

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- The Boston Irish Reporter

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