The Rising will be the first movie on the 1916 Easter Rebellion

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Easter Week saw the launch of the long anticipated movie by Cavan based company Maccana Teoranta on the events of 1916 and the life of rebellion leader Séan MacDiarmada.

Maccana Teoranta is in the planning stage of their latest motion picture The Rising.

Award winning Irish filmmaker Kevin McCann has been in extensive talks across the U.S. over the past six months and has secured a six figure budget for development. The movie also has the support of Northern Ireland Screen, the film board based in Belfast. Filming will take place both in the North and South of Ireland in 2015.

It will be the first film on The Easter Rising ever to be produced. The date of the film’s premiere is planned to coincide with the 100th anniversary of The Rising.

The goal is to produce a film focusing on the events of 1916 and specifically on the story of one man, known to all as “The Mastermind”. His name is Séan MacDiarmada, a hero to Michael Collins, a man who gave his life for ‘the freedom to free Ireland’. The revolution ultimately resulted in the freedom of the nation but also his execution in Kilmainham at the age of 33. Unfortunately he is not a prominent name associated with the foundation of the state and so this film seeks to highlight MacDiarmada’s vital role in the preparations leading up to the 1916 Rising. Through this telling of his story we will learn what the Uprising meant to him and to the young men of Ireland whose names now mark the streets where they fought. The film is inspired by the book The Mind of the Revolution by Dr. Gerard MacAtasney.

If any single event captures the struggle for Irish Independence among the 80 million people in the Irish Diaspora, it is the Easter Rising of 1916. This was a pivotal period in Ireland’s history which ultimately led to the foundation of the Irish Free State. A centenary is a momentous event in the history of any people, and there will most certainly be many events and productions to mark this moment in history and this film will be one such marker.

This movie promises to be a powerful, authentic telling of the oft times forgotten signatory of the Proclamation of Independence. It has much to commemorate and celebrate, bringing to life the compelling, yet lesser known, story of one of Ireland’s founding fathers.

Maccana Teoranta is an award-winning Irish production company specialising in drama, documentaries and comedy for radio, television, and film, working across developing, financing and production. Productions include Testing times, Teddy boy (2007), The Boys of St. Columb's (2010), Sounds Like Ourselves/ Leitrim during the Troubles (2009-2010), Star Feck! (2012) and radio plays including Tall Tales from the Hollows and Hills (2007).

Lauded as a vital Irish filmmaker by his peers, McCann has dedicated his career to the production of film with a definite Irish-centric approach. However that is not to say that this approach is one of a misty eyed romantic. While having broached the difficult subject of neutrality during the troubles in the multi-award winning Volkswagen Joe, (Cork Film Festival, Boston Film Festival, Rome Film Fest and a prestigious Celtic Media Award), McCann has been equally careful to accurately and powerfully portray contemporary Ireland represented, as seen in the revelatory BBC / RTE documentary The Boys of St. Columb's.

The Rising is the next major project for this successful Irish company.

Buoyed by the successes McCann has agreed to undertake the challenge of producing the first film on 1916, to be released next year as the centenary events begin.

If anyone would like further information about this upcoming film please do not hesitate to contact the company by phone on +353 (0) 86 245 9191, or visit the contact page of the website

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